Hello! I’m Nicole Simonato, a creative and executive director for brand management, marketing, design and full service communication projects.

Since 2007 I work with creative projects with strong expertise in digital technologies as the center of my strategic thinking.

With strategic partners, today my consulting and advisory services includes integrated communication projects (online and offline), strategic design and marketing planning, digital marketing, social media, digital pr, content, research, photography, art direction, branding, printed matter, websites & online shops for clients worldwide.

I also work with a specialized team in international trade relations that develop and position healthcare and beauty brands in markets and sales channels in Brazil and worldwide, connecting brands from places like England, Sweden, South Korea and Brazil.

My main expertise is to create and manage brand strategies, helping to plain, execute, coordinate and direct creative projects from conceptual idea to implementation.

In 2016 I created Think Saúde, a specific advisory for healthcare brands, professionals and companies.

My professional background includes a Master in Strategic Design at Unisinos, a postgraduate degree in Fashion Marketing, a specialization in Marketing for Healthcare, a degree in Advertising and a specialization in Graphic Design. In addition, I try to keep up to date, attending courses, conferences and creative events from complementary areas such as marketing, sales, technology and innovation.

I consider myself a creative and strategic professional, with great professional interest in working with social innovation projects, especially those that promote collective well-being, entrepreneurship and female empowerment.

Nowadays I am a digital nomad working with creative projects for companies and brands from Latin America, United States, Europe, Asia and Brazil. In 2019 I’ll be in Bogota (October), Portugal (November), London (November), Germany (November) and France (December).

Keep in touch if you want to know about my projects and share your ideas.

WhatsApp: +55 51 98255-9256

Skype: nicole.simonato

E-mail: nicole@nicolesimonato.com